Solubility Measurement as a Service

Based on the New Solvent Redistribution Method

A thorough understanding of the appropriate solubility and aggregation of compounds is key for decision making, and should be obtained as early as possible in the development of a product. By assessing the solubility of your compounds, we help you make an informed decision and accelerate your research and development.

Simple and Reliable

Robust and reproducible measurements

Minimal quantity

<50 µg (<10 µL) of stock solution per solubility test

Faster decision making

Automated sample preparation and rapid optical tests

Sensitive & accurate

Nanomolar, low error (std/mean < 2%)

Measuring solubility is crucial

40% of drugs on the market are poorly soluble or insoluble, causing:

  • Low efficacy or poor pharmacokinetics
  • Immunogenicity
  • False positives
  • Delays in development

This enormous waste of the drug development pipeline can be avoided by a systematic assessment of solubility during R&D with high quality data.

We offer a solubility measurement service with:

  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Sensitivity down to nanomolar (nM)
  • Using low quantity of compounds
  • Competitive price
  • Rapid test 


Type of measurementKinetic solubility (1% final DMSO concentration)
Liquid dispensingEcho platform (2.5 nL of droplet)
Compound consumption (96 wells)6 µL of 10 mM stock solution per test (1 row, 12 datapoints)
Precisitionstd/mean <2%
Accuracy<1 µM
Data deliveryEstimated solubility range, curve analysis
SolventStandard PBS buffer (alternatives possible: change of pH,
with excipients, etc)

You have specific requirements for your measurement? Please contact us and we will taylor our offer to your needs.

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