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We are experts in building customized wide-field nonlinear optical microscopes and nonlinear light scattering devices. At ORYL Photonics, your research is our priority. Talk to us and together we will help you answer your research questions. Focus on the science, not the tool.


With the ORYL Screener, we will accelerate your crystallization process by failing fast! Instead of waiting for micron-sized crystals to appear, we monitor the onset of nano-crystal formation and follow the dynamics of nano-crystal growth. Crystalize your proteins now and save time and money.

Oryl Screener


Some research questions just cannot be answered with a point by point scanning microscopy. If you have a sample that is heterogeneous, you don’t know where to look. What you need is wide-field imaging with access to both temporal (millisecond) and spatial length scales. For example, we imaged the spatiotemporal response of ion channels in freestanding membranes and reveal the slow-motion of interfacial ions.

We offer customized wide-field optical nonlinear microscope:

  • Customized optical geometry
  • Wide-field illumination: < 300 nm spatial and < 100 ms temporal resolution.
  • Option for low-cost design, 3D capability.
  • Second harmonic and multi-photon contrasts.


Our high throughput second harmonic scattering allows for an enhanced efficiency of up to three orders of magnitude (1000x) compared to previous scattering setups. We have optimized the generation of second harmonic photons to enable the detection of the (very) weak non-resonant optical response of interfacial water on millisecond time scales. Visit our pioneering work for more information. We offer femtosecond-second harmonic scattering that is:

  • Customized to your research.
  • Compact, table-top.
  • LabVIEW-based prototyping code.
Second Harmonic Scattering

Angle resolved fs-second harmonic scattering