Solving the insoluble

We are the world’s first company to offer accurate and rapid solubility testing while saving valuable substances

Solubility Measurement as a Service

Based on the New Solvent Redistribution Method

A thorough understanding of the appropriate solubility and aggregation of compounds is key for decision making, and should be obtained as early as possible in the development of a product. By assessing the solubility of your compounds, we help you make an informed decision and accelerate your research and development.

Simple and Reliable

Robust and reproducible measurements

Minimum quantity

> 50 µg per dilution series

Faster decision making

Rapid optical tests

Sensitive & accurate

Nanomolar, low error (std/mean < 2%)


We are a photonics company that is focused on innovation. We build customized wide-field nonlinear optical microscopes and nonlinear light scattering devices to empower our customer’s research and development in the field of life sciences, semiconductors, and medicine. Our products are designed to characterize the physical, chemical, and structural properties of a large variety of samples.

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News & Stories

Oryl is featured on the national radio

A radio show discussing the recent OpenAI drama, the Swiss army and Oryl Photonics one after another? This was yesterday evening (November 21, 2023) on the waves of RTS!

Launch of a new service

We are excited to announce the official launch of our ‘Solubility Measurement as a Service’ initiative, aka SMaaS, starting November 29th, 2023.