Solving the insoluble

We are the world’s first company to offer rapid and sensitive solubility testing while saving valuable substances

Solubility Measurement as a Service

Minimal quantity

~2 μL of stock solution per solubility datapoint

Sensitive and accurate

1 µM (MW < 500 Da) and low error (std/mean < 5%)

Rapid and high-throughput

1-100 ms read time per well, automated process

We help you make an informed decision, accelerate your research and development and save valuable compounds based on accurate solubility data.


We are an innovative Swiss company that develops laboratory instruments based on a proprietary light scattering technology. Oryl Photonics is a spin-off from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) where the technology is incubated over a decade of research.

The two founders of Oryl Phootnics wearing laser protection goggles and looking at the prototype
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News & Stories

Nathan on stage in front of a background titled 'Investor Day', with a screen on its right, pitching in front of an audience of investors

2023 in a nutshell

Oryl Photonics accomplished many things and reached new milestones in 2023: here is a wrap-up of the last year.

Oryl is featured on the national radio

A radio show discussing the recent OpenAI drama, the Swiss army and Oryl Photonics one after another? This was yesterday evening (November 21, 2023) on the waves of RTS!