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We are a photonics company that is focused on innovation. We build customized wide-field nonlinear optical microscopes and nonlinear light scattering devices to empower our customer’s research and development in the field of life sciences, semiconductors, and medicine. Our products are designed to characterize the physical, chemical, and structural properties of a large variety of samples. These include nano-particles, nanodroplets, nano-crystals, and emulsions, as well as small molecules, proteins, polymers, drug-screening compounds, to biological membranes, semiconductor and metal interfaces, and organic-based devices. At ORYL Photonics, your research is our priority. Focus on the science, not the tool. Tell us how you want it, we build it, and we ship it to you.

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We develop products designed to enhance your efficiency and throughput via trustworthy and actionable feedback. Our vision is to develop scientific instruments designed to improve the quality of life of individuals, communities and our one (and only) planet. Our immediate goal is to revolutionize the early phases of drug discovery to accelerate the release of drugs-to-market, bringing us closer to save lives and combat the ever-increasing threat of emerging diseases: Light for Life


Our products are designed to meet technological problems at the early phases of drug discovery, to early stage drug development to final phases of drug development.

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Our products are designed to study the surface chemistry and dynamics at a variety of interfaces. We use surface-sensitive techniques to extract structural and chemical information at interfaces with access to both temporal (millisecond) and spatial (<300 nm) length scales. We can measure the interfacial water structure, the local surface morphology, and the surface potential of planar interfaces, nano- and micron-sized particles and droplets. These techniques are crucial in electrochemistry, such as heterogeneous catalysis, where surface structure and morphology as well as the underlying electronic structure dictates chemical reactivity.


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